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Development of Group B Streptococcal vaccine

NeoStrep is funded by the European Commission FP7 Programme HEALTH



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The NeoStrep project

The NeoStrep project is supported by the European

Commission through its 7th Framework Programme

The aim of the NeoStrep project is to develop a novel vaccine against Group B Streptococcus (GBS), the leading cause of life-threatening infections in newborns, in order to provide a safe and effective alternative to current generally implemented antibiotic prophylaxis.

While antibiotic prophylaxis has been successful in partially controlling GBS infections in newborns it is currently being threatened by emerging antibiotic resistance. This is illustrated by the emergence of isolates with reduced sensitivity to penicillin (the preferred antibiotic), patterns of resistance mutations in GBS identical to those observed in Streptococcus pneumoniae prior to the breakthrough of wide spread resistance to penicillin, wide-spread resistance to other antibiotics than penicillin, and not least a recent increase in disease incidence following a long period of low incidence controlled by antibiotic prophylaxis.

Emergence of antibiotic resistance in GBS threatens to return the incidence of GBS disease to pre-prophylaxis levels resulting in significant increases in healthcare cost and morbidity/mortality as well as introducing problems in treating infections with antibiotic resistant GBS.

NeoStrep’s goal is to build on extensive positive results obtained in animal models for a novel innovative GBS vaccine candidate, with much improved immunogenicity, coverage of clinical isolates (95% compared to only 60-70% for other candidates) and ease of manufacturing over state-of-the-art GBS vaccine candidates. NeoStrep will advance the vaccine candidate through cGMP manufacturing and proof-of-concept testing in human clinical trials.


In 2015 NeoStrep will be launching a campaign to recruit women, aged between 18-40, who are interested in participating in the clinical trials of the vaccine for Group B Strep. For more information on how to volunteer please click here